Towing any kind of car requires care and attention, especially a sports car.

One of the main things we’ve learnt is how to transport a lowered sports car safely and securely.

We know that this type of vehicle needs dedicated handling and have a range of specialist equipment to make sure towing lowered sports cars is as pain-free as possible.

Why does a lowered sports car need more care?

Low profile cars are great to look at and offer great performance on the track and road.

All those good looks come at a price though and many elements of a lowered sports car are more expensive than standard, so naturally, you want to minimize damage when transporting. 

Here lies the problem. Lowered sports cars are much more vulnerable to damage when being towed.

When you add up the issues that might arise from reduced clearance, challenges around maneuverability as well as the fragility of some classic models, the wisdom of using the skills of a specialist company like Trade and General Towing becomes clear.

Towing lowered sports cars

At Richmond Tow Truck Service, we use the very latest towing equipment to make sure we can transport your low-profile car from A to B with no fuss and minimum risk.

Our vehicles are specially designed for transporting and we have a range of capacity, so your lowered sports car can be taken on as long or short a journey as you need. 

We’ve got you covered when it comes to loading your vehicle too. Our specialist tilt trays come in a range of sizes that will accommodate all sorts of vehicles, from farm machinery to low profile sports cars. 

Top quality towing for every circumstance

Whether you need our transport services for taking your classic car to a rally or for assisting during a breakdown, we are always on hand.

Our M80 towing service in Melbourne and surrounds will help you get things sorted in the event of a breakdown or accident, and we’ll take as much care of you as we will of your vehicle.

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